community driven
decentralized blockchain platform
Expanse is a decentralized cryptographic information, application, and contract platform. The project is operated by its users through a fair, open, community managed decentralized organization.
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What is Expanse?

Expanse is a community driven, decentralized information, application, and smart contract platform. The Expanse project is operated by its community through a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) in which its members directly collaborate; exchange thoughts and ideas; and vote to determine the project's future developments and management decisions.
Featuring a growing collection of smart contracts, dApps and toolkits provide users and organizations of all types with intuitive access to some of the most exciting applications of blockchain technology. The project provides tools and services that businesses, charities, even governments can use to easily and intuitively make use of blockchain technology from creating and managing smart assets to providing digital fulfillment and distribution.

Smart Contracts & DApps

Diverse, dynamic, decentralize applications running on the Expanse Blockchain. From decentralized markets, global registries, computationally enforced agreements, to entire organizations operated exclusively on the blockchain.

Decentralized EVERYTHING.

Decentralized Data Storage, Record Keeping, Information Processing, Smart Assets, and more. Expanse allows for a world of innovation built on top of its distributed technology.

Fast. Intuitive. Powerful.

Blockchain technology meets Complex Smart Contracts to bring you unprecedented results. Exponentially improved speed, reliability, and performance made available for drastically reduced costs when compared to traditional solutions.

Expanse Community

The Expanse Project is managed by a decentralized organization operating on the Expanse Blockchain. This entity is responsible for significant decisions such as deciding what features or updates to be focused on by developers.


gexp - core reference implementation

The primary expanse implementation. Developed in GO, It is the ideal way to operate an Expanse node or as a backend for Expanse Distributed Applications.


expwallet rich graphic wallet client

An intuitive, easy to use client featuring display of accounts and transactions, allowing for direct access to the most utilized features in expanse.


Explore a new world

Expanse DAO


What you need to know

Learn more about the Expanse project and it's technology. From a quick start guide for brand new users to detailed technical specifications, an array of documentation is available to help you use and understand Expanse.

Technical Documentation

Meet the Team

Christopher Franko

Lead Developer

An experienced cryptocurrency developer with expert level knowledge of blockchain technology, Chris has a diverse understanding of the industry, and a long standing reputation in the community.

Daniel Conway


Dan is a blockchain technology advocate and developer, providing consultancy for a number of projects and companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space.

James Clayton

Community Manager

James is a crypto currency analyst, investor, and enthusiast who is founder one of the largest active communities for Cryptocurrency discussion in the world. An experienced community manager, James serves on the teams of multiple well established blockchain technology projects.

Marcia Danzeisen

Marketing Strategy

Marcia Danzeisen has led marketing and strategy for some of the largest banks and financial services technology companies in the world. An accomplished writer, Danzeisen saw how crypto currency and blockchain technology have changed the traditional FinTech world and immersed herself into the space.

Esaias Tong

Int. Business Development China

Esaias is an experienced business liaison specializing in global markets. As former VP Operations at Cryptoexchange Inc., he has strong industry experience complimenting his background in software and business development.

Timothée Gimbert

Int. Business Development France

Timothée is a self educated crypto enthusiast. He customizes and exploits wavelets analysis for Global Finance & Cryptocurrencies signal processing. Former moderator at BTCe and now participates in crypto meetings in Bordeaux, France.

Sandro Ieva

Art Director

Sandro has worked with several blockchain companies from around the world. He is skilled with visual conceptualization and design. An expert at creating interfaces, websites, motion graphics, 3D, and creative art.

Dave Wyrm

Official Forum Guru

Keen on technology and deployment of community expanding software, Dave is a community and blockchain enthusiast with many years experience in forum and community moderation.

Nathan Patten


A self taught programmer from Sydney Australia that likes most programming languages, his favorites being Node or any Javascript. Nathan has worked on a few other crypto projects in the past, and is a developer on the MPOS project, and helped with stratum (python) programming.


Community Forum

The Expanse Forum is the best place for detailed discussion of Expanse and historic conversations regarding the project.

Featured Sub-Forums

Interact Live

The community is most active on slack. It is the suggested venue if you want to participate or discuss expanse in real time with the community and developers.

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