Expanse is a fault tolerant cloud computer built on blockchain technology that facilitates censorship resistant applications of the future.


Christopher Franko


An experienced cryptocurrency developer with expert level knowledge of blockchain technology, Chris has a diverse understanding of the industry and a long-standing reputation in the community..

Daniel Conway

Co-Developer / Engineer

Dan is a blockchain technology advocate and developer, providing consultancy for a number of projects and companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space.

James Clayton

Community Manager

James is a cryptocurrency analyst, investor, and enthusiast who founded one of the largest active communities for Cryptocurrency discussion in the world. An experienced community manager, James served on the teams of multiple well-established blockchain technology projects.

Marcia Danzeisen

Marketing Strategy

Marcia Danzeisen has led marketing and strategy for some of the largest banks and financial services technology companies in the world. An accomplished writer, Danzeisen saw how crypto currency and blockchain technology have changed the traditional FinTech world.

Sandro Ieva

Art Director

Sandro has worked with several blockchain companies from around the world. He is skilled with visual conceptualization and design. An expert at creating interfaces, websites, motion graphics, 3D, and creative art.

Dave Wyrm

Official Forum Guru

Keen on technology and deployment of community expanding software, Dave is a community and blockchain enthusiast with many years experience in forum and community moderation.

Nathan Patten


A self taught programmer from Sydney Australia that likes most programming languages, his favorites being Node or any Javascript. Nathan has worked on a few other crypto projects in the past, and is a developer on the MPOS project, and helped with stratum (python) programming.

Jon Stokes

Assistant Director of Brand Awareness

A crypto visionary, enthusiast, advocate, and hobbyist. He has applied open-source and decentralized concepts in real-world applications, such as an open-use workspace for entrepreneurs and artists, and a form of a decentralized distribution network around Austin, Tx.

Scott Williams

Director of Brand Awareness

Scott brings a wealth of experience to Expanse with his business consulting and expertise in brand awareness. He has an MBA from Northeastern University, is currently a Global Liaison for Shared Services, a partner for Briefcaseit Network, and he is the Director of Operations for Borderless Charity that was built on the Expanse platform.

Jose Perez

Creative Director

Currently Creative Director for Kore, Inc. and Independent Director for Bhogart, LLC. - Jose has designed, developed, and led in hundreds of interactive web and mobile projects for fortune 500 companies and successful startups including Marriott International, Keiser University‎, Izea, and a broad list of celebrity clientele to name a few. Highly skilled UI/UX designer and engineer possessing a keen sense of human-machine interaction and business savvy. Extremely hard worker and ready to take on any challenge presented.

Razvan-Gabriel Paun

Director of Business Development Romania

Razvan, also known as ‘Spiry’ is an early Crypto/Fintech adopter, supporter & investor. Founder of 247Cryptonews.com and Spiry Media Investment Group. He worked for EA Games, and was part of the biggest security group in Romania, the RST, Romanian Security Team. His diverse and extensive experience in cryptocurrency will be a great asset to promote awareness of Expanse in Romania and beyond.