Expanse is a blockchain powered cloud computer, which essentially means its a computer whos data and computational instructions are stored on a distributed ledger. EXP is the fuel used to pay the cost of computations on the network.
To offer a censorship resistant platform for decentralized applications.
Smart contracts are essentially computer programs that interact with, store and remove data from the blockchain.
No, Expanse is for everyone, but developers play an important and very special role in extending the functionaly of the network.
Yes you can build DAPPS, its actually pretty easy. Anyone with HTML/CSS/JS is 75% the way there, all you have to do now is learn solidity, which is also a very easy language to learn because its alot like JS.
We are on a handful of exchanges, find an exchange and trade some BTC for EXP. It's that simple.
Yes, you can find our code on github.com/expanse-org
This is something we are working on. If you run a meetup and would like an Expanse presentation, contact us and let us know.
Visit our documentation for more information. Expanse Docs
Yes, join our slack and forum, and be active in or community.
We are listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges. Poloniex, Bittrex and even Changelly.